About Jack Ramsdale Photography

Jack has worked in Philadelphia PA as a commercial photographer providing high-quality and innovative work for his clients. He works conscientiously to bring each image to a level that meets and exceeds expectations. His clear vision and clean approach to photography will attain lasting quality for decades to come. When working with clients, Jack approaches each assignment individually, with his client’s needs addressed. His photographs of the Eastern State Penitentiary, which were selected by Architectural Record for the cover, are a strong example of his ability to refine a composition that emanates the quintessentially the space, and its history. Jack documented Philadelphia neighborhood murals for Philadelphia Mural Arts Program that involved capturing the artistic quality, and the story of the murals, in addition to the architectural structure it was painted on. These photographs became part of the highly acclaimed “Murals and the Stories they Tell” book published by Temple Press.  Jack also  documents art work for many Art Museums in Philadelphia, North America and hundreds of individual artists. A few of the many Museums include, The Barnes Foundation of Art, Seattle Museum of Art and Woodmere Museum of Art. His fine art work documentation has be used  for catalogs, virtual interactive gallery tours and complete documentation of their art collections, and media publications, where obtaining the true likeness of original artwork is essential.

Our Background

Jack, a commercial photographer, provides quality and innovative work for his clients. The services include Aerial, Architectural, Corporate, Industrial, and Portrait Photography.

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